6 Potential Roadblocks Home Sellers Face in Philadelphia and How You Can Get Past Them

It’s not always as simple and easy to sell a home as it seems on the face of it, especially in today’s digital sales climate. It takes numerous marketing tactics to sell Philadelphia house today, and you need to be prepared for the possibility of a long process. You have to know what they are and how to solve them, because of the many possible obstacles involved. Read on, then, to find out in Philadelphia about common possible roadblocks facing home sellers and how you can get past them.

1. Local Market Conditions

Of all the possible roadblocks faced by home sellers, this could be the most daunting one. If there is a very large number of homes for sale and not a lot of demand for these homes, it is likely that your home will sit on the market only because there aren’t enough people looking to purchase it. This is something you have no influence over now, but could potentially affect your sale’s pace and price.

Generally , the best way through this roadblock lies in hiring a successful local agent. Your agent will be on top of local market conditions and will therefore be able to deploy the best strategies needed by the conditions. The pricing, promotion, and negotiating skills of an agent will prove to be invaluable here.

2. Emotional Attachment

Their emotional commitment to the home is another of the roadblocks home sellers frequently face. It can be hard to see the sale process objectively if a house has been your home for many years, probably the place where you raised your family. Sometimes, because of the unavoidable hesitation, such emotional attachment results in sellers asking too much, being insulted by lowball deals, and/or not actually doing anything necessary to sell Philadelphia home.

So, the first thing you need to do is make sure you still want your home to be sold. If you do, then make sure that you handle the whole thing as a strictly business transaction, attempting to look at it as just selling a house and not losing your home. Again, the requisite emotional distance and objectivity can be accomplished by a good Philadelphia agent.

3. Pricing to Sell

Pricing correctly is also a fairly challenging roadblock to get past as well. Pricing too high and too low may both have a negative effect on the sale. But pricing too high is typically worse (which is always a product of the emotional attachment mentioned above).

Excessive pricing can have catastrophic effects. Usually, in this situation, with little or no inquires or showings, the home would remain on the market. And the longer your home on the market languishes, the lower the chances of selling it at a fair price, because buyers will then presume that something is wrong with it.

So if you want to stop this one of the roadblocks home sellers face, you have to price to sell, which means selling in compliance with fair market value. And comparative market analysis (CMA) is the best tool to arrive at the right price. You may do this yourself, but it is even easier to have a CMA done for you by your agent.

4. Preparing to Sell

To get them ready for listing, all homes will need some planning. The question, however, is to understand what is really worth doing-that is, which of the many things you can do will generate a good ROI. You will get advice from your agent on how to get through this roadblock.

There’s still staging to remember, beyond repairs and renovations. Numerous studies have shown that staged homes sell faster than unstaged homes, and at better prices. This one could be the easiest to get through of all the roadblocks home sellers face in Philadelphia. Consulting your agent and hiring a competent stager is all you have to do. “Your [agent] and home stager together would optimize your home’s desirability, so it sells quicker and at a higher price than it would if you were trying to sell it yourself.”

5. Inspections

The inspection(s) is among the most dreaded roadblocks faced by home sellers. From top to bottom, the inspector will examine your house, look at all parts of it and try to find anything wrong. Inspectors are qualified professionals who strive to stay impartial, but a subjective aspect still remains.

So to make it as easy as possible for the inspector is a good way to get through this one of the roadblocks home sellers face. You’ll need to ensure that every part of your house, including electrical panels, the boiler, under-sink plumbing and so on, is open to the inspector. You’ll still want to provide handy evidence of the work you’ve completed in the past at home.

6. Choosing an Agent

It is absolutely crucial to choose the right agent if, that is, you want to get in the best way possible past the common roadblocks home sellers face in Philadelphia. When it comes to real estate brokers, you will have hundreds of options. But not all of them have the experience and skills required, and a few of them are only going to seek a commission. And you’re going to have to investigate and interview yourself.

Of course, by contacting one of our eligible Philadelphia, you might make it easier. Contact us today at Philly Homes And Lots to escape the roadblocks home sellers face.

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