6 Tips for Selling Your House in Philadelphia When You Have Kids or Pets

We all love our pets, and we love our kids, too, really. But when you are trying to sell your Philadelphia home, they may both cause some problems. If you take the right steps, you can get your house ready to show, though. To help you out, when you have kids or pets, we give these 6 tips for selling your house in Philadelphia.

1. Make a Checklist

Even without children or pets involved, it is a major undertaking to sell a home-a complicated operation with a number of smaller tasks. The way to proceed with a plan in an organized manner, as in any major work. Here’s how industry experts suggest tackling this first step towards selling your[market-city] home.

“Thinking of what you need to do can be daunting when you first decide to sell your Philadelphia house. Using checklists to get organized if you’re looking at your messy house and wondering where to start. To prepare your house for sale, the first checklist you make should list what you need to do.”

After that, they suggest making a second checklist of all the items you need to do to quickly get your house ready and keep it for demonstrations that way. There are items that you should be able to do in 30 minutes or less so that you can get them finished and then get out of the house, such as sweeping, vacuuming, picking up toys, emptying litter boxes, and so on.

2. Repair Pet (and Kid) Damage

They can be kids and pets. Destroying, .ok. (And it’s a toss-up that’s worse.) Because you’ll need to fix and mitigate the damage in preparation for selling your house in Philadelphia when you have kids or pets, such as drywall cracks, scratched floors, chewed stair railings, and carpet stains.

Just be sure to bear in mind that, as someone who has lived with children and pets for a long time in the same household, you will not find all the concerns that need to be taken care of. But you can bet that consumers will have a keen eye and will look for certain items explicitly. So look carefully and try to be as objective as you can.

You might also visit your home with your agent and point out problems to be solved. Call (215) 385-3055 to find out more about how an agent can help you.

3. Deep Clean Everywhere

And, of course, you should be completely washed, as in every home sale, anything and everywhere. Pets and children both make plenty of messes.

From top to bottom, deep cleaning should take care of everything, so start with the ceiling, move on to walls, and then tackle the floors. Cleaning may not be enough when it comes to walls, so repainting may be in order. And for a carpet, if shampooing does not seem to do the trick, you can have to replace some (or all) of it. When you have pets, during the deep cleaning process, odor removal will be one of your key objectives.

4. Get Pets Out of the Way During Showings

Not only can you remove damage and dirt and stains when you have pets to sell your house in Philadelphia, but you also need to remove your pets during showings (as much as possible). You may think that your pets are the cutest stuff you’ve ever seen, but buyers might not. And cats or dogs may be allergic to certain customers.

The best-case scenario is to be out of your home as it is explained by your agent. And you should take your pets with you in these circumstances. If, however, keeping your pets out of the house is not possible , at least confine them to a remote area of your home.

5. Remove Kid Evidence

It’s going to be a lot tougher, of course, to take your kids out of the house, because you can’t place them in a cage the way your pets can. So if, during the shows, you can’t get rid of your children, get rid of their facts.

This mainly involves painting over walls in the children’s room that are decorated in the noisy colors and odd color variations that attract children (as well as the pencil artwork that they sometimes add directly to walls). Numerous studies have shown that neutral colored walls are much more attractive to buyers (beige, for example). The psychological effect of encouraging customers to see your home as a blank palette is accomplished by walls painted in neutral colors and tones, enabling them to picture the house filled with their belongings and imagine themselves living there.

6. Ask Your Agent for More Tips

Be mindful, however, that when you have children and/or pets, the tips above only scratch the surface of all the things you can and should do when selling your Philadelphia home. When you compete against sellers who don’t have children and pets in their homes, you start out at a disadvantage. So, to tip the scales in your favor, you need to do whatever you can. To find out in this situation about the best strategies for selling your house in Philadelphia, contact us at (215) 385-3055 today.

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