Our Top 5 Questions We Receive From Home Sellers in Philadelphia

While skilled home buyers are not a new choice for Philadelphia home sales, there is a lack of knowledge or misconceptions about the process by many sellers. Sellers are unaware that it can save time, money, and tension dealing with knowledgeable buyers such as Philly Homes And Lots. Ready for more learning? Read on as we share with you the top 5 questions we get from Philadelphia home sellers.

What About Repairs?

Would I need to make repairs to one of the questions we usually get from home sellers in Philadelphia? No! We are aware of what repairs will be needed when Philly Homes And Lots looks at your property and we are prepared to take on all the costs and risks of undertaking the project. This implies that for any issues you were unaware of, you walk away without any care about the laws regulating disclosure in real estate and the legal risks of selling a Philadelphia home.

Questions We Receive From Home Sellers in Philadelphia

Will the Closing Be Slow?

Maybe one of the top questions we get from home sellers in Philadelphia is that I’m going to have to wait a long time for closing? No! The Philly Homes And Lots normally closes in a couple of days! Your Philadelphia selling is assured by partnering with Philly Homes And Lots as opposed to listing with a real estate agent or on your own. As the days that your listing sits on the market add up, there will be no more suspense, driving more and more buyers away, pushing you out of the competition.

Will I Get a Fair Offer?

How do you evaluate your bid, a frequent query we get from home sellers in Philadelphia? Our valuation enables us to remain in business while providing you with a fair price that works for you. When we make a bid, Philly Homes And Lots takes into account several variables, as you may be aware, location is one of the dominating factors in the valuation of real estate. We consider the age and condition of your Philadelphia house, including any required repairs, and the compliance of your Philadelphia home with the surrounding properties is also significant. In addition, we carefully evaluate the prices of identical homes located near you.

What About the Title Company?

Another question we get from home sellers in Philadelphia, am I going to have to pay for the title company? Although there are some fees associated with the title, they come from the closing proceeds in most instances. In addition, just so that you’re conscious, there may also be costs such as any property taxes or liens, or judgments. The liability of the seller will also be any legal or wiring fees. Usually, before you collect your cash from the sale while you deal with Philly Homes And Lots, there is no need to be concerned with coming up with any funds for these or other potential fees.

Do You Charge Commissions or Fees?

Another question we get from Philadelphia home sellers, is there a price? No!

A cash offer will be made to you by Philly Homes And Lots, which is the actual sum you will get. As you might be well aware, in a typical Philadelphia home sale, there are a lot of commissions, taxes, closing costs and other expenses involved. All these costs and issues involved with conventional listings of real estate fall by the wayside, which means an incredibly fast closing, putting money in your pocket in 30 days or less.

Before you ever sell it, ready to bypass the problems of showings, waiting for a buyer, and thinking about how to pay for maintenance or upgrades to your home? It could be your best choice to work with Philly Homes And Lots! We are pleased to tell you more about the questions we get from home sellers in Philadelphia, just send us a message or call us today at (215) 385-3055!

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