Budget-Friendly Upgrades to Help You Sell Your House for More in Philadelphia

Take a look at these budget-friendly upgrades to help you sell your house for more in Philadelphia to help you push your house to the top of the for-sale heap. If you’re planning to put your house on the market, going the additional mile to make it stand out from the competitors is a fantastic idea.

Restore What’s There

When most homeowners consider upgrades, they quickly dismiss what is already in place, even if there is often plenty to work with.

Filling in holes and repairing damage to your walls with filler is an excellent first step. Following that, repainting an entire room in a neutral tone can complete any space that was beginning to feel a little antiquated. Your floors, in addition to the walls, may use some attention. Consider refinishing your hardwood floors if you already have them to give a room a fresh look.

Budget-Friendly Upgrades to Help You Sell Your House in Philadelphia

Painting wood floors and tile in solid colors or even a basic design is also becoming more popular. Restoring the original luster or repurposing what you already have is a fantastic way to make things feel like new without breaking the bank.

Don’t Neglect the Exterior

Any competent real estate agent will tell you that while the interior of a property is important, the exterior and curb appeal may nearly sell your home on their own.

Even the oldest landscaping may be revived by spending a day cleaning up pots, installing new landscape fabric, and laying down fresh mulch. Maintain a clean lawn by mowing it regularly and filling in any sparse spots with grass seed. Cleaning your siding, gutters, and walkways with a power washer may make a huge difference.

Select a well-reviewed house wash that works with your outside material and follow the guidelines on the container while pressure washing your home’s exterior. Spray any debris out of the condenser fins of your air conditioning unit while you have the pressure washer out as a bonus to help it perform more reliably.

Mind the Details

Sometimes the little things can add up to help improve the big picture. 

Replacing obsolete cabinet pulls in your kitchen and bathroom will assist them transition into the twenty-first century. Lighting fixtures that have been updated with whole new LED fixtures or LED bulbs might help customers see a room in a new way.

Investing a small amount of money in new light switch plates will help you get rid of old, dusty plates that have grown bent and discolored with time. Replacing the knobs and locks on uninteresting doors with modern designs that suit the beauty of their surroundings is a fantastic way to liven them up.

Remember the Infrastructure

Finally, while it’s tempting to focus on the more glamorous aspects of your home, it’s critical to verify that all of your home’s utilities and systems are in good working order.

Changing furnace filters, installing attic insulation, and replacing old weatherstripping around doors will all improve the aesthetic and performance of your home. If you don’t have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, clean it out or consider adding one. Consider installing a smart thermostat if your home’s wiring allows it.

All of these are ways to boost the value of your property while also making it more appealing to buyers by promoting its improved energy efficiency.

Guidance on Budget-Friendly Upgrades to Sell Your House in Philadelphia

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